Hydraulic Cylinders

We are well experienced in complete overhaul / refurbishment of hydraulic cylinders of virtually all sizes and types in our specially adapted in-house cylinder repair facility.

With the support of our technical department we are also able to reverse design and manufacture a complete new hydraulic cylinder or design a hydraulic cylinder from scratch according to requirements and with class approval.

 Our services provided include:

  • Overhaul of hydraulic cylinders of any size and type
  • NDT services for load bearing areas
  • straightening of bent piston rods
  • chrome repair on piston rods
    • hard chroming (partial or full)
    • stainless steel plating (if time is an issue)
    • Nickel Chrome Boron Alloy (High Velocity spray on), durable and long lasting
    • Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Chromium Alloy (High Velocity spray on), durable and long lasting
  • Cylinder barrel honing up to 900mm (special honing pattern for hydraulic cylinders with vibration symptoms)
  • Original or 100% direct replacement cylinder seal pack
  • Fabrication of defective top glands or piston heads
  • Overhaul of CBV including adjustments
  • Pressure testing of hydraulic cylinder according to Alatas in-house procedure
  • Complete and detailed documentation and Reports
  • Full comprehensive warranty on all repairs carried out.

Please visit our NEWS page for the latest service / repair works carried out.