Grab Repairs

Alatas Singapore Pte Ltd is the specialized service station for all type of Grab repairs such as SMAG Peiner, Orts, Guven, Dong Hae, Fukushima, Jiangsu Zishi, Munck, SGMC, Tobu & others. In addition, Alatas Singapore is also the authorized SMAG PEINER Service station.

We have a pool of specialized team consisting of factory trained grab specialists (i.e. SMAG) available for troubleshooting & inspection of Grabs on site.  Upon receiving the service call out from customers, our SMAG trained grab specialists and multi-disciplined engineers are able to go on-board vessel to troubleshoot and rectify the defects on the grabs such as replacing the hinge bushes, replacing of seals on the hydraulic cylinders, minor steel repairs & etc.

However, if there are major works required where the complete grabs needs to be reconditioned, then the complete grab to be off landed to our specialist workshop for a float repairs where we have expertise to handle the following repair works promptly & efficiently:      

  • To carryout replacement of lips on the grab bucket with material supplied (Material: Hardox 400)
  • To weld / repair of cracks on scoops and carryout MPI test
  • To insert / replacement of steel & re-enforcement plates with material supplied and carryout MPI test upon completion (Material: EH36)
  • To fill up and do in-situ machining on bucket pivot pin fixing area at buckets to size at the hinge bores
  • To overhaul all grab components such as Hydraulic cylinders, Control Valve blocks, Electric motors, Hydraulic pumps & etc.

Our spare parts team is also well trained and able to supply all spares available from our stock for the grabs, hydraulic pumps & valve blocks, hoses, filters, cylinder seals and electrical items. Since we are worldwide, we are also able to source all necessary parts from our foreign counterparts if they are not available locally, which gives us an added advantage compared to others.

Our sales team is also readily available to source for new / used grabs upon request and would be available to supply customers with electro-hydraulic, mechanical with remote control, diesel-hydraulic, orange peel & 4-rope etc. 

In a nutshell, trust ALATAS for all your grab repairs and we will provide our utmost efforts in resolving all your issues.

Please visit our NEWS page for the latest service / repair works carried out.