Electrical Repairs

Most of the Cranes have an E-Motor as their prime mover as well as other electric components installed. Naturally we offer a full range of services for all electrical items, done In-House, whereas for E-Motors and Transformers we engage our reliable and proven partner here in Singapore but with all quality control and warranty provided by Alatas.

Our services for but not limited to the equipment listed below, include the following:

With our proven Contractor:

  • All types of E-Motors (AC / DC / EEX-Proof / Oil Submerged)
    • Rewinding / Repair / Overhaul capabilities
    • Dynamic balancing and run out check of Rotor / Rotor shaft
    • DLRO / IR test / Impedance Balance Test and No Load Run Test are standard
    • All EX-Proof E-Motor repairs are provided with certificate
  • Transformers - Rewinding / Repair / Overhaul

ALATAS in-house:

  • Electric Limit Switches and Limit Switch Gearboxes
  • Electric switch panels / cabinets – full restoration / repair / overhaul

Please visit our NEWS page for the latest service / repair works carried out.