Deck Machinery

Alatas Singapore as a deck machinery repair specialist are highly competent in many brands of deck machinery and refurbishment. All our repairs / refurbishments are done to the highest quality standards and meet or succeed any standards, rules and regulations set by the class or a controlling authority. We have the most senior deck machinery experts with back ground in Pusnes, MacGregor & TTS deck machinery in our offices.

Our pool of specialized deck machinery repair team would be available for troubleshooting & inspection of defective Anchor Windlass & other deck machinery on site.  If there are major works required where the complete anchor winch to be repaired, then the complete unit to be off landed to our specialist workshop for a float repairs where we have expertise to handle the following repair works promptly & efficiently :

  • Anchor Winches are thoroughly inspected by our workshop’s highly experienced and skilled technical staff at arrival and issue repair procedure & repair offer
  • On confirmation, units are completely dismantled  
  • Full NDT testing services (UT/MT) carried out on all load bearing and critical areas to check for cracks
  • Brake drum surfaces are checked & if worn out, machine worn brake drum contact face & material build up accordingly
  • Bronze Bushings (BC3) are newly fabricated, shrink fit and line bore to size & installed onto the Chain Lifter & Cable Drum Shafts
  • Claw couplings are newly fabricated and installed
  • Large gear wheels fabricated as per sample if required  
  • Brake Linings will be renewed with TOMBO BSC Non Asbestos material.
  • Sandblasting of complete unit to SA2.5 with 300 microns & apply 3x layer of marine grade paint system (300 micron)
  • Full repair / overhaul of all mechanical components, e.g. gearboxes, winches, rope sheaves, attachments and accessories etc

In a nutshell, trust ALATAS for all your deck machinery repairs and we will provide our utmost efforts in resolving all your issues.