Crane Refurbishment

Alatas Singapore as a crane repair specialist are highly competent in any kind of crane overhaul and refurbishment and can look back at a long history of successful crane restoration projects. All our repairs / refurbishments are done to the highest quality standards and meet or succeed any standards, rules and regulations set by the class or a controlling authority.

We offer full or custom tailored crane refurbishment / restoration packages with tight cost control and shortest delivery time in the safe and controlled environment of our Alatas Workshop as a cost & time effective alternative against overhaul on-site in a shipyard with complicated work structure and full exposure to the elements. 

We accept all crane Makes and types and are really limited only by the size of the workshop in which we can accommodate up to 40m fixed Boom length and 30Ton for crane housing or individual part of the crane (e.g. gantry, A-Frame, etc.).

With our highly experienced and skilled technical staff, the full support of our Alatas design office and with a fully equipped workshop and facilities we can offer the following services for any variation of crane refurbishment:

  • The complete crane will be dismantled and all parts, components and structure inspected
  • Sandblasting of complete crane and boom structure
  • Full NDT testing services on all load bearing and critical areas
  • Thickness measurement on worn and corroded areas
  • Material Fatigue study to extend the service life of cranes available on request
  • All structural repairs / modifications identified are carried out according to Alatas Repair Procedure and with class approval (where required)
  • Full refurbishment of hydraulic system
  • Full refurbishment of electric system
  • Overhaul of Prime Mover (E-Motor, Diesel Engine)
  • Full repair / overhaul of all mechanical components, e.g. gearboxes, winches, rope sheaves, attachments and accessories, pressure vessels, etc.
  • We also can provide complete re-classification of cranes that never had been certified

Please visit our NEWS page for the latest service / repair works carried out.