Crane Accident Repairs

Alatas Singapore, as part of Alatas Group Worldwide, is a class approved crane service provider under IACS UR Z17 for Survey, Repair and Testing of Lifting Appliances with further authorization according to Norwegian Maritime Authority B-1, ILO 152, LEEA, LOLER & API 2D. All our boom repairs are executed professionally and strictly according to class regulations and international standards. For any technical & design issues that may appear in the course of the repair, we can handle in-house and with our technical design office in UK.

Our pool of specialized crane accident repair team would be available for troubleshooting & inspection of defective crane boom on site.  If there are major works required where the complete boom needs to be repaired, then the complete boom to be off landed to our specialist workshop for a float repairs where we have expertise to handle the following repair works promptly & efficiently :

  • Alatas crane accident repair team attend on-board vessel to remove the boom hinges. Sea & Land transport arranged beforehand.
  • Defective crane boom off landed to barge via certified rigging materials & lashing equipment. Multi axel trailer used to transport the defective boom from private jetty to Alatas Workshop
  • Our workshop’s highly experienced and skilled technical staff to inspect the crane boom at arrival and issue repair procedure & repair offer
  • On approval, we obtained the necessary materials (S355 / ST52 / EH36 / mild steel A36 / SS400 / S235 / S275) required for repair (class approved)
  • Crop off existing damaged crane jib sections
  • Install & fully weld the newly fabricated jib sections.
  • All structural repairs / modifications identified are carried out according to Alatas Repair Procedure and with class approval (where required)
  • Full NDT testing services (UT/MT) carried out on all load bearing and critical areas
  • Water hose levelling and alignment of complete crane jib with alignment report issued
  • Sandblasting of complete unit to SA2.5 with 300 microns & apply 3x layer of marine grade paint system (300 micron)
  • Full repair / overhaul of all mechanical components, e.g. gearboxes, winches, rope sheaves, attachments and accessories etc

In a nutshell, trust ALATAS for all your crane accident repairs and we will provide our utmost efforts in resolving all your issues.